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Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant Klang

Khunthai was founded in 1999 by a local Butterworth based family. The concept was to simply create a cozy Thai village atmosphere that was well suited to relax with Thai music in the air and dining accompany with simple and freshly home cooked authentic Thai cuisine at a reasonable price. We are pleased to say our kitchen crews are 100% Thai. Since the inception of our first restaurant, today we have 4 locations with one more opening by the end of year 2012.

Over the years Khunthai has evolved from a humble beginning of just 10 tables to currently serving more than 280 tables.

A factory was set up to act as a centralized kitchen to ensure food of highest quality and consistency. Fresh green vegetables were planted and harvest on our own offering freshness and to keep up with demand.

The overall décor at Khunthai was self design and construct featuring attap roof with timber log as pillar and the walls offer rich wood finishes. As for the dining tables and sitting bench it is made of rail wood sleepers and bar top with thick generous wood.

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Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant Klang

Lot 8620, Kg. Air Hitam, Batu 6 1/2, Jalan Langat, 41200 Klang, Selangor