Funky And Delightful Mooncake Collection From W KL x Melinda Looi Collab

Confluence is something we live by, and marrying the old with the new is so important to us to create the unique, vibrant culture that W is known for. We love modernity, but we’re also a stickler for tradition and the things that drive our roots.

The W x Melinda Looi mooncake collection brings the best of both, combining elements like the traditional Paper lantern and classic mooncakes with the cutting-edge, futuristic designs by Melinda. What’s great is that you can even reuse this stunning bag & casing over snd over again- that means saving the Earth while making a fashion statements! Wishing you a colourful Mid-Autumn Festival!”

I love storytelling, and these tales might be familiar to most of us. The Mid-Autumn Festival (aka Mooncake Festival) made my childhood very colourful and meaningful.

Let’s turn back time to some very nostalgic memories and stories that you may or may not know of.

May the bright moon illuminate you and your loved ones with happiness and accompany you on your journey of life.
Melinda Looi


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