Inspired by the tale of the mystical and enchanting Jade Rabbit who calls the moon as its home, is seen as a noble and benevolent creature to whom offerings are often made during Mid-Autumn Festival. This tale has been adapted by The Westin Kuala Lumpur and transformed creatively into YUÈ Fantasy mooncake gift box.

The box’s flaps are made magnetic where customers can easily open the box and remove the luxury Bluetooth speaker light box from the inside and use it as a desk decorative light at home, room or office while listening to their favourite tunes.

To book your mooncake gift boxes or for further enquiries, call Westin Dining at 03-2773 8495, WhatsApp +017 311 1883 (Mr Jieh, @fivesen5es ) or email #mooncake #mooncakefestival #midautumnfestival


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