The Malaysia Tango Festival & Preliminary Competition 2019 will be the first of its kind in Asia which combines the Preliminary of the World Tango Championship and a tango festival that is open to dancers and the public at large. The Preliminary competitions are held in major cities around the world and this year Kuala Lumpur has been selected as the host for the 2019 Southeast Asia Tango Competition. The event acts as a platform to connect Tango communities around the region and create public awareness on the beauty of tango.

The Malaysia Tango Preliminary Competition will be held on May 31 – June 1 at Publika KL, followed by the Malaysia Tango Open Day on June 2 at GMBB, the first commercial mall that is built for creativity. Participants from Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and India are all invited to compete in the Preliminary Competition.

“We are honored to be the organizer of the first official Tango Mundial Preliminary Championship in Southeast Asia. As of to-date, we have received a total of 40 talented couples, where four (4) of them are from Malaysia to compete in tango de pista and tango escenario categories. Besides the competition, there will be a series of workshops, social gatherings for tango dancers and a Tango Malaysia Open Day for the public. We would like to take this opportunity to thank GMBB as our proud partner for hosting the Malaysia Tango Open Day. Like us, GMBB believes that art and expression are crucial for the evolution of cities and that Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer and a lot to learn.” said Gan Shuxian, the organizer of the Malaysia Tango Festival.

Mr. Manuel Balaguer Salas, Argentinian Ambassador to Malaysia commented, “We believe that through the Malaysia Tango Festival & Preliminary Competition, we will be able to strengthen the ties between Malaysia and Argentina as we reach our 52 years of relations. The World Tango Championship is a yearly major event that celebrates the history and cultural background of Buenos Aires. It is also a celebration of diversity for all. We are delighted to bring this major cultural highlight to Malaysia and, on a bigger scale, to Asia to further introduce and popularize tango among the various people in this part of the world. We hope to encourage more Asian tango dancers and enthusiasts to join us at this international standard regional event to improve their tango skills.”

There are many categories that dancers can choose from such as Tango de Pista, Tango Escenario, Tango Senior, Milonga and Vals. The contestants will be judged by four international talented teachers with strict evaluation criteria mainly on connection and musicality. Winners of the preliminaries will be awarded tickets from their home city to Buenos Aires and represent their region in the Semi Finals of the World Tango Championship.

The festival offers various exciting activities such as milongas (dance party) and series of workshops given by artists such as Ivan Romero, Cristina Sosa, Daniel Naccuchio and Maximiliano Cristiani who were also the World Champions from 2004, 2008 and 2013 respectively. The Tango Malaysia Open Day will have an exhibition on tango history and a series of activities that includes question and answer forum with judges about competing in tango, workshops on conditioning the body for tango and a FREE introduction to tango given by the 2013 World Champion, Mr. Maximiliano Cristiani.

There are two official categories that are eligible to enter the World Tango Competition (The Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup 2019), which are the Tango de Pista & Tango Escenario. The Preliminary Champions are to compete at the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires on 8 – 21 August 2019. Public are welcome to experience Tango first-hand at the Tango Malaysia Open Day in GMBB Mall on 2 June 2019 from 1:00 pm onwards.


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