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Coway Unleashes the Powerful STORM II Air Purifier: Twice as Strong Against Haze

Haze in Malaysia is expected to worsen in coming months due to hotter and drier weather

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Coway, the leading Life Solution Company, is on a mission to combat the issue of bad air quality, and they are doing it with their latest innovation, the STORM II air purifier. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the STORM II is equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing a comprehensive indoor air purification experience.

In light of the recent El Nino phenomenon in Southeast Asia, the region is bracing for hotter and drier weather, exacerbating the haze situation in Malaysia. Some areas have already recorded unhealthy air pollution index (API) readings of 151. As outdoor air quality remains beyond our control, Coway has stepped forward to innovate and cater to the needs of everyone with their latest air purifier, STORM II.

The STORM II takes air purification to the next level with a 50 percent larger filter size compared to its first-generation model. This enhancement allows it to capture a greater volume of airborne pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, cigarette fumes, molds, pollen, and dust. The Copper HEPA Filter (H13) is capable of removing up to 99.999% of 0.01Ī¼m particles, effectively eliminating odors from pets and humans, as well as indoor dust and haze particles, significantly improving indoor air quality and providing users with clean and breathable air.

Not only does the upgraded STORM II offer more robust air circulation, with an enlarged fan size that enhances wind speed and airflow, but it also features an advanced haze mode and multidirectional airflow function. This combination facilitates faster and highly efficient airflow throughout the room, eradicating stagnant areas. Users can enjoy elevated circulation efficiency as the air purifier evenly disperses purified air in all corners of the space.

Coway has also focused on ensuring a tranquil and uninterrupted user experience with the STORM II. The smart mode automatically switches to sleep mode when the surroundings of the air purifier become dark for more than three minutes, regulating its operations to maintain an optimal level of air quality while consuming lower power. This feature allows users to enjoy continuous usage with whisper-quiet operation and an impressive 35 percent reduction in power consumption compared to its predecessor.

Understanding that great products must be complemented with excellent services, Coway offers bi-monthly maintenance services for the STORM II air purifier, including filter changes, to keep the product in top condition for years to come.

Experience the difference of Coway’s STORM II air purifier with their innovative easy-payment scheme, starting from as low as RM98 per month. For more information, visit coway.com.my/storm and take a step towards breathing cleaner and healthier air with Coway.

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